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The Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans) is committed to providing  a working environment free of harassment and illegal discrimination at all levels. VTrans maintains an on-going commitment to the principles of Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity. Our goals are to ensure that barriers and impediments to employment with VTrans are eliminated and opportunities for training, upward mobility, and career enhancement are provided to all VTrans employees.

Affirmative Action is the pathway to the level playing field of Equal Opportunity. VTrans actively pursues diversity in the workplace and within our workforce. VTrans employees at every level are encouraged to consider their employment with the State of Vermont as a career and not just "a job."

VTrans will continue its involvement with community-based organizations that share in our desire to provide equal opportunity to all. A solid base of resources that assists VTrans in achieving its goals and meeting its mission is in place and continues to grow.

Through a combination of management leadership and employee involvement, we are confident that our Affirmative Action initiatives will have a positive impact and ensure that Equal Opportunity becomes a way of life at VTrans.

Diversity in Action

VTrans is committed to providing equal opportunity for all employees and creating an organization in which differences are truly valued. Valuing diversity is vital to VTrans’ ability to serve the residents of Vermont.   Towards this end,  VTrans intends to work aggressively in order to create a diverse workforce.


Career Counseling, Upward Mobility, and Career Enhancement

VTrans has established programs directed toward preparing employees for advancement opportunities. Employees are encouraged to avail themselves of training programs offered by VTrans throughout the year. Emphasis is placed on training and seminars designed to provide career enhancement through increased job knowledge and skills.

Career counseling is an integral part of all internal performance evaluation review sessions. It is offered to employees through the Vermont Learning Center. Provisions for Educational Leave are addressed in the current collective bargaining agreements which are available from the Department of Personnel.

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Recruitment & Placement

VTrans recognizes the need to ensure diversity in its work force and strives to utilize the most effective means to recruit, hire, and retain qualified female and minority applicants for career employment with the Agency.

A. VTrans participates in numerous career fairs, college fairs, and high school open houses.

B. VTrans spearheads numerous training programs that are intended to enhance recruitment efforts by increasing the number of women and minorities in the civilian labor force with the requisite skills for employment in the transportation industry.

C. VTrans coordinates with numerous state agencies, academic institutions, and non-governmental organizations to increase their awareness of employment and training opportunities with in VTrans.

VTrans continues to target its recruitment efforts toward institutions with strong representation of women and minorities in engineering and other fields of study which would prepare them for careers in transportation. In an ongoing effort to increase the number of qualified females and minorities with requisite skills in the applicant pool, we will continue to develop strategies which will assist us in identifying qualified women and minorities in the civilian labor force 

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Hiring and Promotion

Hiring and promotion within the Agency will be conducted in accordance with all applicable rules, regulations, policies, and guidelines. Merit, job-related criteria and non-discrimination guide all hiring and promotion actions. Agency managers, supervisors, and hiring officials are responsible for ensuring that our goals for diverse representation are considered in all instances.

The Hiring Advisory Panel reviews hiring decisions to ensure that the decision was free of discrimination and was based on merit and job-related criteria.

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The Agency encourages employees to avail themselves of training opportunities which will  improve their knowledge and skills. The Vermont Learning Center offers training at  minimum or no cost. Tuition reimbursement funds are available through the collective bargaining agreement. The Agency currently supports several training initiatives and is in the process of creating several new programs.

Cultural Diversity and Harassment Training VTrans is committed to initiating a comprehensive training program on the issues of cultural diversity and harassment in the workplace. This program, which will be presented to all Agency employees, will consist of a full day of training on these issues. The program will be designed and implemented by the VTrans EEO Officer and designated trainer from Human Resources, with support from the State EEO Officer and the various Divisions within VTrans.

We are developing partnerships with other state agencies to provide an increased applicant pool and are developing strategies to improve communications at all Agency levels which include problem solving, valuing and respecting ideas, and valuing feedback from line staff.  Creating a workplace where all employees are valued members of the VTrans team is our ultimate goal.

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Discrimination & Harassment

VTrans has a "zero tolerance" policy for all forms of discrimination and harassment. Discrimination and harassment is illegal, violates state policy, works to devalue the victim as a person and demoralizes all in the workplace. VTrans will investigate all complaints in a timely manner and work to eradicate discrimination and harassment in the workplace.

Specific definitions of discrimination and harassment and the procedures that govern investigations can be found on the Department of Human Resources website.

If you wish to file a formal complaint or would like further information, please contact the VTrans EEO Officer. You may also contact any of the following organizations to file a complaint:


Vermont Human Rights Commission: 
(802) 828-2480
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
(617) 565-3200

Vermont Attorney General’s Office: 
(802) 828-3171
Vermont State Employee’s Association: 
(802) 223-5247

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Useful Links
The Vermont Commission
on Women
VT Works for Women (formally Northern New England Tradeswomen)

Vermont Department of
Human Resources

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Relations Board (VLRB)


U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
U.S. Department of
Labor (US DOL)


U.S. Department of
Justice (US DOJ)

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For further information contact:

Colleen Montague
EEO Officer

Vermont Agency of Transportation
Office of Civil Rights & Labor Compliance
One National Life Drive
Montpelier VT  05633-5001
Tel: (802) 828-2715 Fax:(802) 828-1047

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